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Network Business Systems, Inc. is excited to announce NEW SPEEDS and NEW PRICING

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has recently defined high-speed broadband as 25 MB download and 3 MB upload. Network Business Systems is committed to meeting your needs for reliable, high-speed internet by ensuring that each of our towers is capable of meeting the FCC definition of high-speed broadband.

In addition to our regular schedule of hardware upgrades on our towers, we are making significant investments to ensure we can provide the internet bandwidth that our residential, agricultural and commercial customer need. We are leveraging our industry connections and our affiliation with the Microsoft Airband initiative to bring the best technology in the industry to our communities.

As we complete each tower upgrade and certify our broadband speeds in 2020, we will notify customers of any changes and what new plans are available. New plans for high speed packages may already be available on many of our towers, so please call to find out if they are available in your area!

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